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WP Plugins For You

Thanks a lot to WP Plugins For You

They offered us the free and lifetime use of their very interesting plugin Sticky Comment for WordPress which allows to write comments and discussions inside our documents (and not only at the bottom of the pages).

The world of the Internet can sometimes hide some very useful gems, and this invention – the “Sticky Comment” plugin for WordPress – is certainly one of them.

We are very happy to have discovered this extremely practical system to easily collaborate between colleagues when writing texts, for our organization to help the cause of autistic people in the world.

In the past, we had to use external collaborative text systems (those offered by two leading global brands), which was complicated.

Being able to insert notes (and discussions) at specific points in the text is indeed the best solution, which also reduces the risk of conversations drifting to other topics.

That creation is therefore an excellent system which allows organizations to stay in control of their work, using a way that is certainly less sophisticated than that of the Internet giants, but very sufficient, especially since complexity is not always a friend of ease of use.

We also greatly appreciate the reactivity and the willingness of this WordPress plugin creator to always do better, although in reality almost all of our requests have already been foreseen and settled by that plugin.

For all these reasons, we are very grateful for their generous offer to allow us to use this plugin for our cause, for free and for life, on our website https://Autistance.org.

(Our “thank you” letter: trang 1 - trang 2)

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